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Billy the Kid DNA

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid carved his name into history through his exploits during and after the Lincoln County War.  In a career filled with almost impossible escapes and daring acts in battle, the "Kid" nevertheless found himself of the losing side of the war and in its aftermath was branded the west's most notorious and wanted desperado.  Reportedly killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett in 1881, rumors persisted that the Kid survived and new evidence may prove that the Kid lived well into the Atomic age.

Jesse James DNA

Jesse James

Of all of the many criminals and bloodthirsty bandits in American history, none is more ruthless or famous than the outlaw Jesse James.  Accompanied by his brothers, Jesse wreaked havoc in Post-Civil War America as the head of the infamous James Gang and no bank, stagecoach, or paywagon was safe from their guns.  Killed by the "dirty little coward" in 1882, many imposters have attempted to lay claim to Jesse's name and heritage.  Most have been easily disproven, but some remain that require further investigation.

Col. Fountain mystery

The Fountain Mystery

For decades the Wild West's greatest mystery has been who killed Col. Albert Fountain and his young boy and where are their bodies?  A prominent lawyer, politician, and public figure (and the man who defended Billy the Kid during at least one trial) was loved and hated by many.  Since the day he and his son disappeared into the thin air of a New Mexico desert, investigators...including the modern FBI... have scratched their heads seeking answers.  Now, Cold West may break this case wide open and accomplish what histories best investigators could not.

Exposing secrets some would prefer to keep buried

Cold West picks up where history left off, and that can make some folks mighty uncomfortable.  You see, its been said that "dead men tell no tales", but when Cold West's group of hardened investigators bring their expertise and curiosity to the party, crime scenes come alive and history begins to speak its secrets.

Cold West uses the "posse method", utilizing experts from any and every field required to move the case forward.  We work hand-in-hand with local Sheriffs, police, techs, federal agents, historians, and other experts, using cutting edge modern crime scene investigative methods (CSI) to develop never before seen and court accepted evidence that changes history.

cold west

The Cold West Posse

Steve Sederwall

Steve Sederwall

Too lazy to work and too scared to steal Steve became a cop, with the Garland Police Department, back in the day when it was fun to be a cop. It was in Garland that Steve says, "the streets educated me." From there he joined the Los Angeles Police Department- more education, and more stepping over dead bodies. Steve retired as a federal criminal investigator and moved to Lincoln County, New Mexico. There, he met Sheriff Tom Sullivan and once again pinned on the badge. It was in his DNA and Steve still had to investigate, so he became a New Mexico licensed Private Investigator, opening up Cold West. It doesn't matter how cold the case, cold cases are always worked the same way; you allow the evidence to lead.

Cold West

Martin Brown

Martin Brown knows crime better than most criminals.   He's a Texas private investigator and author.  He is a former police detective with years of experience working cases involving homicide, vice/narcotics and organized crime.  As a Dallas private investigator, he has conducted investigations throughout the US and in Europe, Canada, Central and South America.  His clients have included American Airlines, Hewlett-Packard, Rolex Watch USA and Walt Disney Company.  Now living on a small ranch in Central Texas, he is still sought out by law firms and corporations to conduct extensive background investigations.  His recently published book, The Glen Rose Moonshine Raid, chronicled the battle between moonshiners and Texas Rangers in the early 1920’s.

Cold West

Boone Armstrong

If it weren't for Jim Beam this man would be President.   However, Beam provided his trademark gravely voice and a "don't try to fly that crap on me" attitude.  Which serves him well as a Cold West detective, since he questions everything including his own existence.  He knows the old West, because like Steve, they met at the door, when the Old West was on its way out, Boone was on his way in.    Boone was the National Sales Manager for Beaver Brand Hats, Levi Strauss, & Classic Old West Styles (COWS), giving him the ability to read people like yesterday's news, he already knows where the story is going.
David Turk

David Turk

David Turk is the official US Marshals Historian.
The position of historian has existed in the U.S. Marshals Service only since 1984; David Turk is the second historian, in the job since 2001. He has worked for the service for nearly 23 years. Although a native of Washington D.C. who grew up in Virginia, Turk does have a genealogical tie to the American West. His great-grandfather lived in Gainesville, Texas, and he remembers his grandfather sharing tales of Indian Territory tribesmen. He’s currently writing a modern agency history, from 1940 to 2002, as a follow-up to The Lawmen: United States Marshals and Their Deputies, 1789-1989, written by former USMS Historian Frederick S. Calhoun.

Cold West

Stephen McGregor

Stephen has been a Cold West Detective from the beginning and was instrumental in setting the direction of Cold West Investigations.   He's a critical thinker, who has seen the West from horseback and he understands every aspect of history and her people.  Stephen has worked on the Bass Reeves, Billy the Kid, Fountain, & the Jesse James cases.  When in the field working with Cold West, Stephen pays close attention to detail and as a result he is always put in charge of the "Murder Book".

Daniel A. Edwards

Daniel A. Edwards

Daniel A. Edwards' ancestors left North Carolina in a covered wagon in the early 1800s to become some of the first residents of the newly formed state of Indiana.  His great great grandfather was a a sergeant with the Union Army and his great great uncle James Dunlavy won the Congressional Medal of Honor for Capturing General John S. Marmaduke at the Battle of Osage, KS.  With extensive graduate training in research methods and a long history of collaborating with people from all walks of life, Daniel brings a fresh eyes approach to understanding and evaluating evidence.  He has been featured on nationally syndicated radio programs and has been interviewed on film regarding his discoveries regarding William H. Roberts, who claimed to be Billy the Kid.

Kevin Hogge

Kevin Hogge

Kevin Hogge is an old west enthusiast who has ridden the trails of Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, Charlie Goodnight, and Col. Ranald Mackenzie. He is part of an elite group of riders and historians who have ridden the back country of Southern Arizona, following the trail of Wyatt Earp and his Vendetta Posse in search of the men who killed his brother, Morgan Earp. He has ridden the trails of Billy the Kid through the mountains of Lincoln New Mexico, where no one had been for a century. With a hard riding group of friends, and horsemen, he has run New Mexico's tough and historic terrain from Santa Fe's Copper Canyon, to the Sangre de Christo Mountains and beyond.

token blonde

The Beautiful Blonde

Although every Cold West posse member has a law enforcement, research, investigations or legal background, apparently its important to also have a beautiful blonde in the least that's what every TV producer we speak with tells us.  Honestly, we are open to the idea.  To quote Steve Sederwall, he says "I'm not exactly sure who she is or what she does, but apparently having an attractive blonde in the posse is an invaluable part of any investigation.  Even more strange is we are never asked what exactly we need so they can provide us an expert in a particular field or subject.  Its almost like these TV people think nobody wants to look at a bunch of old guys like us on TV!"

Cold West

Zach Cook

In addition to being Cold West's attorney, Zach Cook is a New Mexico lawyer and politician, but don’t hold that against him. He was born and raised on the dusty plains of eastern New Mexico, and his family roots go back to some of the most notorious hideouts of Billy-the-Kid, like White Oaks and Fort Sumner. When he was young, Zach watched real cowboys at work and decided he was better suited for a job in town, so he became licensed to practice law in New Mexico and Texas. He’s also been a member of the New Mexico state legislature since 2009. A great indoorsman, Zach prefers that heated seats of a luxury pick-up to riding horseback in an old saddle. But that doesn’t keep him from dodging head-long into an adventure to dig the truth out of the fog of history. Photo Credit- Ruidoso News
Cold West

Susan Stevenson

Susan Stevenson has been doing genealogical research for 27 years. She has worked along side of noted historian, Frederick Nolan for over 21 of those years looking for Billy the Kids early years. Her work has been presented and endorsed by Fred Nolan in Lincoln NM and has been published in True West Magazine. She has joined up with the Cold West Detectives and has worked on cases such as the Fountain murders, Pat Garrett's untimely death, Jesse James, as well as numerous others.  She specializes in finding family connections that history has missed. There is no other genealogical researcher that can find the needle in the haystack any better than her.
Wild West

Carolyn Sederwall

Carolyn was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She's the office manager and maintains a cashbox for bond money -  just in case.  Carolyn is the first contact the client has with Cold West; no case is opened until she vets them first and is the pivot point for the field detectives.  In her job description, you'll not find that she also has to direct traffic around the detectives making sure they have what they need and she is expected to know where everyone is at all times.  She will be the one you want to talk to in order to find out who is working on which case.  She vets the cases, return phone calls and makes up believable excuses why her detectives were late or did something stupid.   If things ever run smoothly the detectives had nothing to do with it, it was Carolyn.  Part of Carolyn's responsibility is to keep track of the investigations as well as the boys.  She also functions as the bridge between investigations, and the publishing arm of Cold West LLC.

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