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New Evidence suggests the Kid may have lived into the Atomic Age!

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Billy the Kid: An Autobiography: The Story of Brushy Bill Roberts by Daniel A. Edwards

Non-Fiction | Paperback | $18.00

In 1882 a notorious outlaw and a childhood friend of Billy the Kid was released from prison where he had been serving time for killing a Texas Ranger. His freedom finally secured, the outlaw disappeared and was never heard from again. Never, that is, until 1948 when he came out of hiding after almost 70 years. In the course of proving his identity to a court of law the outlaw revealed that his friend Billy the Kid was not killed by Pat Garrett but was still alive even to that day. After a period of research and persistence the young lawyer was finally led to a destitute old man in Texas who was named not William H. Bonney but William H. Roberts, although Bonney had been an alias that he had used. Roberts agreed to reveal himself as Billy the Kid if the lawyer would help him obtain a pardon so he could die a free man. You see, the Kid was still wanted for murder so to come forward was to risk being sentenced and put to death, but this was a risk that William H. Roberts was willing to take. He told his story only one time, to one man. This is his story, now presented for the first time with new photographic evidence and research that supports his claim that he was the one true Billy the Kid of legend.

Murder on the Trinity by Sue Land

Mystery Fiction | Paperback | $15.00

Texas Ranger Richard Wolf (LaSceena Rosa) is called upon to find two missing sisters whose family has been murdered. A former search and rescue operative for the US Military, Wolf long ago stopped accepted these types of requests because he had seen more than his fair share of evil and wasted life and knew as well as anyone how these situations typically ended in tragedy. But this time was different, Katerina Fisher was once a key witness to a major murder trial and Wolf had been assigned to her witness protection detail. He had come to know and love Katerina and was determined that whoever took her and her sister would regret it. But why would Katerina be targeted now? The trial was long over and the perpetrator was in jail. Was there something more that Katerina knew that someone was afraid to find out, possibly something even she herself did not remember? These questions are on Wolf's mind as he follows a twisted trail of betrayal, politics, and deceit. Can the White Wolf find the missing sisters and bring their captors to justice? If he does, will he be able to live with the truth of what he discover?

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