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Billy the Kid DNA

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid carved his name into history through his exploits during and after the Lincoln County War.  In a career filled with almost impossible escapes and daring acts in battle, the "Kid" nevertheless found himself of the losing side of the war and in its aftermath was branded the west's most notorious and wanted desperado.  Reportedly killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett in 1881, rumors persisted that the Kid survived and new evidence may prove that the Kid lived well into the Atomic age.

Jesse James DNA

Jesse James

Of all of the many criminals and bloodthirsty bandits in American history, none is more ruthless or famous than the outlaw Jesse James.  Accompanied by his brothers, Jesse wreaked havoc in Post-Civil War America as the head of the infamous James Gang and no bank, stagecoach, or paywagon was safe from their guns.  Killed by the "dirty little coward" in 1882, many imposters have attempted to lay claim to Jesse's name and heritage.  Most have been easily disproven, but some remain that require further investigation.

Col. Fountain mystery

The Fountain Mystery

For decades the Wild West's greatest mystery has been who killed Col. Albert Fountain and his young boy and where are their bodies?  A prominent lawyer, politician, and public figure (and the man who defended Billy the Kid during at least one trial) was loved and hated by many.  Since the day he and his son disappeared into the thin air of a New Mexico desert, investigators...including the modern FBI... have scratched their heads seeking answers.  Now, Cold West may break this case wide open and accomplish what histories best investigators could not.

Exposing secrets some would prefer to keep buried

Cold West picks up where history left off, and that can make some folks mighty uncomfortable.  You see, its been said that "dead men tell no tales", but when Cold West's group of hardened investigators bring their expertise and curiosity to the party, crime scenes come alive and history begins to speak its secrets.

Cold West uses the "posse method", utilizing experts from any and every field required to move the case forward.  We work hand-in-hand with local Sheriffs, police, techs, federal agents, historians, and other experts, using cutting edge modern crime scene investigative methods (CSI) to develop never before seen and court accepted evidence that changes history.

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